“Back in the days it was better…” A recent survey by INSCOP indicates that almost half of Romanians consider the communist regime to have been a good thing for Romania, with the percentage increasing compared to ten years ago.

It is interesting to consider that history is composed of the common perspectives of the millions of people who lived through it. Every Romanian who lived during the communist period has their own stories and opinions based on their personal experiences at that time.

Thus, it is easy to fall into the trap of nostalgia, especially for those of us who spent our youth during the communist era, enjoying special events of life: childhood games, love and family protection, the freedom of adolescence, first love, maturation, and gaining independence.

People have an extraordinary capacity for adaptation and forgetting for self-protection, resulting in the fact that we often overlook the negative feelings from the past, remembering the positive ones, leading to… NOSTALGIA.

The Musem of Communism in Bucharest maintains an objective tone regarding the perspective on this part of the country’s history and aims to continue combating misinformation at the level of the post-revolutionary generation, while also shedding light on the phenomenon of nostalgia among mature generations.

So, we invite you to visit the museum beyond nostalgia – with an open and curious mind, encompassing the entire history of communism – from the theory formulated by Marx and Engels, to the interwar period when communism operated illegally in Romania, to the late 1940s and 1950s marked by nationalization and the Pitești Phenomenon, before reaching the well-known period of Nicolae Ceaușescu and the 1980s.

Let’s be objective and have a complete vision of this period. Let’s inform ourselves and build a brighter future for our country and the generations to come. At the Museum of Communism in Bucharest („Undeva în Comunism”), recently opened on Covaci Street in the Old Town, people of all ages can learn about our past in an interactive environment, alongside a specialized guide. For groups of over 15 students, guided tours are offered for free, and the standard student ticket is reduced to 10 lei.